Speech and language therapy


Our therapists help children with communication difficulties. The child or children may be slow to speak, have a stutter, lisp, mutism or general difficulties with speech. We support children who have problems with swallowing and drinking. Our speech and language therapists will identify the problem and assess the cause of it as well as devise individual programmes to help improve the speech difficulty that are reviewed and evaluated regularly.

We may also help your child understand the meaning of words and how to use them in spoken and written communication. If your child has a particular speech impairment such as a stammer or a lisp, then specialist support can be given to help with this.

Often, we will help children communicate when they can’t understand and also describe words that they cannot find.

Our approach is to help children understanding that it is not their fault and to build confidence. We will also advise families on what the difficulties might be and how to best support.