Playfulness Project Group


The Playfulness Project Group is aimed at parents whose children are aged 0-3 years and are showing early signs of struggling with social-emotional communication.

Building on the strengths of your parenting our weekly, one hour programme runs for 6 months on mainly a one to one basis and occasionally groups.  Drawing on parent-infant psychotherapy and the floor time approach, the playfulness project aims to improve the quality of interactions and enhance secure attachment between you and your child. It can be very difficult as a parent when your baby is not responding in the way you would expect them to or you are feeling overwhelmed and our compassionate, patient approach aims to enable you to feel happier and more confident with your baby.

Our project aims to improve the mental health and well-being of your baby so that they have the best start in life possible.

Our playfulness projects workers are highly skilled as well as being committed to a non-judgemental, kind and understanding approach.