The Cherished Family Project is based in Birmingham

The Cherished Family Project believes in cherishing all families by working with them collaboratively and holistically, co-creating environments where children and parents thrive.

Our team of dedicated professionals include:


Health visitors

Speech and language therapists

Specialised support workers

Social workers

Occupational therapists

Working together, we aim to provide tailored and individualised support for the whole family

We work short, medium and long term up to 18 months. The cherished family project offers, a rich tapestry of support to match the varying needs of families including:

Parenting classes

Friendship groups

Cooking classes


Specialised support for ADHD and Autism

Specialised support for families affected by disability

Home and community support

Support with employment and housing

Signposting and liaising with other agencies

Psychological therapy

We offer a range of psychological therapies to fit the family.  Therapies with different family members may run concurrently for maximum impact. For example, it may be agreed that we provide couple counselling and one on one child counselling or couple counselling and family therapy, depending on what the need is.

Our therapies

The Cherished Family Project

Family (Systemic) Therapy

Here the whole family attend. The focus is usually on dynamics within the family, relationships and the roles different people play. This is an opportunity to notice how you work as a family and also communicate to one another in a healthy and contained way. Sometimes, unhealthy interactions get repeated or important issues go unspoken which can have a negative effect on the way the family work and live.

The Cherished Family Project

Play Therapy

One on one therapy for children which is usually highly creative. The therapy draws on music, drama, art and ‘therapeutic play’. This helps children safely and non-threateningly work through and process difficulties, past and present in their life.

The Cherished Family Project

Couples Counselling

This is therapy that involves both parents, looking closely at their relationship. This might involve looking at patterns, ways of relating and how they parent as a team. Sometimes, couples we see have been in conflict for some time, often this is difficult for the whole family making the already tough task of parenting even tougher! Our couples counsellors help pave the way for clearer communication and to support couples in resolving underlying conflicts they may have.

The Cherished Family Project

Adult Psychotherapy

One to one therapy for adults which might involve resolving issues from the past, increasing self-awareness and improving the quality of relationships that you have.  Therapy might include understanding negative automatic thoughts, decisions and assumptions that might give rise to anxiety and depression. It might also look at ways in which to overcome obstacles to stresses in life and be more fulfilled.


The Incredible Years

The Incredible years is an evidence based and well established parenting programme aimed for parents of children aged 0-12 years

The Friendship Circle

This is a weekly, one hour social group for mum’s and dad’s, with a crèche provided. This is a chance to bond with each other and make new friends.

Cooking with Cath

A fun, 8 week course with our expert cook.  Through a combination of doing and showing our parents cook eight simple, nutritious and cheap meals from scratch.

Playfullness project

Aimed at parents whose children, aged 0-3 years,  are showing early signs of struggling with social-emotional communication.